The ORD Parking Rates

O’Hare airports has many different levels of parking. It has short-term parking and it has long-term parking. The parking rates will very depending on where you park. There is on-site parking within the parking decks of O’Hare and there is off-site parking as well handled by private companies. In this article, we will focus on the both forms of parking and determining ORD parking rates so that you will have an idea where the greatest value is. You will also know all theoptions that are available for parking. So you will have the full story on the parking situation at O’Hare international Airport.

ptions that are available for parking. So you will have the full story on the parking situation at O’Hare international Airport.

Parking At O’Hare international Airport

you can find reasonable parking rates at the parking decks and lots on the O’Hare international Airport campus. This can be very convenient and usually doesn’t require that you take the shuttle to get to the airport but that does depend on how far out you park. The rates to park within the parking campus are as follows: parking fees depend on the amount of time that you stay parked. Parking from 10 minutes to one hour is usually only two dollars. But parking for such a short time is typically reserved for people who are dropping off and picking up people. For people who are actually going on a trip, the rates are $17-$60 a day.

Offsite Parking Is Cheaper

off-site parking is a lot cheaper in the ORD parking rates are really low. They are outside parking lots that only cost around seven dollars per day. There are typically a few miles away from the airport but they do have a shuttle that can transport you to your terminal. Many people who need to drive to the airport and park their car for several days choose to use off-site parking because ORD parking rates are a lot cheaper.

So you have a decision to make, will you choose on-site parking or off site parking? Which one fits your budget and which one is more convenient for you. There’s also expensive valet parking on-site and for some people that is worth the cost. What you will see, is that there is a great option for everyone. There’s a good option for every budget and every health condition. But no matter which one did you choose you should try to arrive early. You should try to arrive early because O’Hare international Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. There’s a lot of traffic this stretches a few miles from the airport. You don’t want any delays on the day that you are traveling, you want to arrive as early as possible to not only get a great parking spots but to quickly get checked in and processed.

So as you can see, there are many different options available to you. It is up to you to choose which one is the best. Parking rates vary depending on where you park your car and there are many affordable options available.